Friday, November 18, 2016

Kuehn Motors: A Reputation for Customer Appreciation

At Kuehn Motors, we take pride in our customer service. We aim to make our customers feel comfortable from the moment they step onto our lots in Rochester, Spring Valley, and Austin.
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We know it’s not always an easy process to find the vehicle you’re looking for. There is always a lot of online research to do before you even decide to visit a dealership. When our customers decide to visit us, we know that most of them have already done their homework and have targeted a vehicle that they like.

Customers are smarter and savvier than ever and Kuehn Motors has a lot of respect for that. We also know that the customer has high expectations of us. We love the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards every time we meet someone for the first time.

Our commitment to excellence is what makes Kuehn Motors stand out. We don’t want to be the typical cheesy car salesman who immediately puts on the fake charm and whose main focus is on the sale. We know the last thing a customer wants is to feel like they’re being pressured into a sale.  
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Our sales staff–which has some of the best experience in Southern Minnesota–is eager to match the knowledge of our customer while showing a little enthusiasm along the way.
We want our customers to browse our online inventory and to even schedule a test drive ahead of visiting us. We will look into the best financing options possible. To request vehicle information, you can call us at (877) 366-4458. We’ll be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the purchasing process.

If you don’t find the vehicle you’re looking for right away, you can always click on our CarFinder and complete the online search form. We will use that form to alert you when your matching car arrives.  

At Kuehn Motors, we look forward to serving your best interests. It all comes down to respect. There is no one that Kuehn Motors respects more than our customers. You are what makes our jobs worthwhile.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Best Ways to Transport Food this Holiday Season

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If you are tasked with the responsibility of bringing delicious homemade food to a party or office potluck this holiday season, you might be stuck with the problem of how to transport it without making a monumental mess in your car. Safely transporting food can come down to what you choose to transport it in. For example, a big bowl of punch loosely covered in plastic wrap sitting on your dashboard won’t cut it, nor will piping hot servings of casserole on less than sturdy paper plates.

Transporting Sauces, Dips, and Casseroles
Keep items like dips in their own sealed containers. Mason jars are great for smaller servings or if you plan on bringing an array of sauces, dips, or salsas. For hot dishes like main entrees, soups, and casseroles, use glass containers that double as an oven and microwave-safe containers for reheating. Again, use a sturdy lid instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil to safeguard against accidents and spills. Glass or Pyrex containers are the best choices for sturdiness and easy reheating.

Carrying Cookies, Cakes, and Other Desserts
cookies-223876_640.jpgFor baked goods and pastries, pick a shallow container and layer parchment paper between goods to keep them separate. For cakes and cupcakes, it might be an excellent idea to buy containers specifically designed to carry such baked goods. This can be a particularly good option if you plan on transporting multiple cakes and cupcakes for parties, office potlucks, and other holiday or birthday events.

What else should you remember when transporting food this holiday season? Take a look below for some more tips:

  • Use containers for transportation that double as a serving dish to cut back on the tools you have to keep track of and clean.
  • Choose recipes strategically. If you are traveling a few blocks, transporting a hot dish in a sturdy container will work, but if you are traveling further, consider this method for proper food safety: Completely prepare food the day before, let it cool down completely, cover and refrigerate properly overnight, and pack it properly for your destination. This will help ensure food safety.
  • Secure a laundry basket using bungee cords in your back seat or trunk. Layer a towel on the bottom to both soak up potential spills and to insulate your food. You can also pack in all the necessary tools and keep everything in one place.
  • Bring all of your own supplies. Your party host will likely be running around caring for guests and their own meal and party preparation. Short of plates and utensils, bring your own serving tools, oven mitts, ladle, pie cutter, and whatever essential tools you might need.

For recipes to help inspire your holiday season, explore some of the ideas below:
Keep the car free of spills and your passengers safe this holiday season. For more articles ensuring the safety and comfort of your family throughout the year, visit Kuehn Motors today.