Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avoiding Winter Weather Mayhem

Although winter hasn’t officially hit yet, it is creeping ever closer. Each year there are nearly 1.5 million vehicle accidents that are associated with the poor weather conditions - a statistic that is very preventable, just by being a prepared and knowledgeable winter weather driver. Here are five tips for being a safer winter driver to help you prepare before the snow flies:


1. Do not use cruise control while driving on slippery or wet surfaces. This will only slow the reaction time if you come into a situation where you need to take control of the vehicle.

2. Keep your gas tank at least half full. This way if you are in an accident you can keep warm while waiting for help. Keeping half of your tank full will also help prevent your car pipes from freezing.

3. Whenever possible, let your engine and heater run enough to remove the chill. Waiting in the driveway for your car to heat up may seem like a waste of gasoline, but this will help conserve gas while on the road and prevent any damage to your vehicle.

4. Check that your windshield wipers are in proper working order. Wipers with rubber blades will help prevent ice from forming and allow for proper usage in winter weather.

5. Know your car! Every car handles differently in winter weather. You should know what your car can and cannot handle in the snow. Know if your car has front wheel, rear wheel, or four wheel drive and make sure you understand how it handles in the winter weather.

The best way to prepare for winter driving is to educate yourself. Knowing what to pay attention to when winter approaches helps to avoid those nasty winter accidents. If you have any other questions about winter driving, check out our website at