Friday, April 28, 2017

Preparing to Sell Your Car: Gathering the Correct Paperwork

Selling an old vehicle doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you gather all the correct paperwork and stay organized there’s no doubt that the process will go over smoothly. We’ve put together a list of the necessary paperwork to get you one step closer to selling your car!
  • The Title - The first thing you need to do after selling your car is sign the title and give it to the new owner. Both you and the buyer will have to fill out information on the title. Learn more about transferring your title to a new owner here
  • Maintenance Records - It’s important for buyers to know they are getting a reliable vehicle. If you have maintenance reports, gather them into one place. If you don’t have any records, most mechanics will keep paperwork on file and you can request a copy from them.
  • Bill of Sale - A bill of sale is a good idea for both buyers and sellers. Although it is not required with the sale of a car in Minnesota, it can still be beneficial, acting as a receipt for the transaction. It can also protect the seller in the event the buyer fails to register the vehicle.
  • Release of Liability - When there is a change of ownership of any vehicle, it is required that you notify the DMV. This can protect you from being liable for any accident the new driver gets in before the car is legally switched over. Find more information on
  • Warranty Documents - if your car is still under a manufacturer’s warranty or you purchased an extended warranty for your vehicle, include these documents with the sale of your car. If the car needs any repairs, the new owner will feel confident that the warranty will cover the cost.
  • As-is Documentation - If there are no warranties left on your vehicle, make sure the new owner is aware. As-is documentation basically tells the buyer that they are buying the car with all issues - known and unknown. They will be responsible for any repairs or issues that may arise with the car over time.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get everything gathered or you’ll catch yourself scrambling at the most undesired time. Sell your car with ease and ensure the process is complete effortlessly!

If you need any further assistance, or if you’d rather have a professional handle the selling of your car, contact your nearest Kuehn Motors. We are always happy to help!