Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It’s Time For a New Car -- Where Do I Start?

When it is time to buy a new vehicle, there are a lot of options. You can scour Craigslist ads and other marketplace sites for hours, browse the classified ads and set up meetings to test drive vehicles, or you can make it a one-stop-shop at Kuehn Motors.

According to, there are many advantages to purchasing a vehicle from a dealership and not a private party.

- Dealers must adhere to very stringent operating and selling procedures, meaning you are less likely to end up with a lemon.
- Dealers can provide warranties on vehicles, even used.
- Dealers can offer financing options.
- Dealers can be easily contacted if there are any problems with the vehicle.
- Dealerships will usually help you with your state DMV’s titling and registration process.
- You have the choice of a variety of cars in one location.
- And many more...

With something as important as a vehicle purchase, you want to keep the guessing game out of the equation. Your vehicle gets you to work on time in the morning, transports your children to school and activities, and brings your family on the summer road trip you’ve been waiting for.

Kuehn Motors is one of Southern Minnesota’s largest dealerships, with three convenient locations in Rochester, Austin and Spring Valley. Along with our wide selection of preowned cars, trucks, vans and commercial vehicles, we offer a complete service department and full body shop to take care of all your vehicle needs.

Whether your family is growing, your car is a lemon, or it’s just time for an upgrade -- when it’s time for a new car, stop into Kuehn Motors and let us help you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You Might Be Ready For Winter, But Is Your Car?

In Minnesota, there’s no telling when winter will hit. By September, we’ve already stocked up on boots, winter jackets, mittens and hats -- just in case. You feel ready and prepared for the cold, snowy season to arrive, but is your car ready?

Just like winterizing your house and throwing on an extra layer before you leave for work in the morning, your car needs winterizing, too. There’s no avoiding the winter, so the sooner you prepare for it, the more comfortable you’ll feel when the first snowflakes hit the ground.

Here are some tips on how to get your car ready for winter! 

Make sure you have enough antifreeze: If you run low on coolant, that water in your radiator can freeze, which prevents it from flowing freely and cooling the engine. If this happens, your engine can overheat, despite the cold temperatures outside.

Make sure your tires have adequate tread: If the treads are worn on your tires, replace them. Or, better yet, invest in a set of snow tires. Snow tires have better traction in snowy weather and are equipped to better handle treacherous winter driving.

Check your wiper blades: It’s a good idea to get a set of winter wiper blades. These cut through snow and ice better to keep your view of the road clear and unobstructed.

Get a pre-winter tune up: Bring your car into Kuehn Motors for an inspection before winter comes. We can check the battery, antifreeze level, thermostat, heater, brakes and defroster to make sure all systems are functioning properly.

Get a good wash and wax: Rinsing off the road salt throughout the winter can protect the paint on your car, but go the extra mile and get a good wash and wax before the elements hit to better protect the appearance of your car!

If you follow these tips, you’ll be in good shape -- even when there’s 11 inches of fresh powder on the ground.