Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Preparing to Sell Your Car: Getting More for Your Used Vehicle

Do you have your eye on a new ride but need to sell your old vehicle before you can take the plunge? Getting a new vehicle sometimes depends on getting the best trade-in or sale price on your old ride. Not only will small additions help you to sell your vehicle, but estimates you can get up to 21% more for your vehicle because buyers are willing to pay for cleanliness, confidence and a quality vehicle.

New Tires Can Go a Long Way

Getting new tires, especially in Minnesota, can help value your car tremendously. No one likes the idea of buying a car and then having to put more money into it; in fact, it can drastically lower the value of your car. Having a car with brand new tires also gives the buyer confidence that you took care of your vehicle.

Take Care of Small Maintenance Issues

Small maintenance projects like changing the oil, replacing the air filter and any lights that have burnt out, and filling any low fluids are easy and cheap ways to make your car have the “new” feeling for the person who could potentially be buying it. Plus, most of these things can be done without the help of a mechanic with little to no tools! has a full list of car maintenance tips that can be done yourself and are typically inexpensive. also suggests these small, routine maintenance projects before posting your vehicle online.

Be Prepared for the Buyer

Everyone knows someone who has gotten burned by buying a used car from a private owner. There is no warranty and most of the time you don’t know the person who you are buying from. This is why so many people are skeptical when buying a car from private owners. Be prepared for the buyer and show them that you have nothing to hide with maintenance and vehicle records on hand as well as offering to bring to a certified mechanic if they would prefer to have a third party look it over. This is usually pretty inexpensive and could end up helping you clinch the sale.

Soap and Water are Your Friends

Last but not least, get out the soapy water bucket and dust rag and clean your vehicle inside and out. A clean car looks better and will help value it so that you can get more money and they will be happier and more confident with their purchase. To get the job done like a pro, check out this article from

These are just a few ways to get more for your vehicle and get you one step closer to your new ride. Visit our website to value your trade-in through an official Kelley Blue Book Quote, and start your journey to a new ride!

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