Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Festive Ideas to Decorate Your Car For Homecoming

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As a teen, your car is the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence. If you just got a car for your 16th birthday or you drive a family car from your parents, it does not hurt to show it off a little. For homecoming this fall, your school pride will show if you utilize some of these fun ideas to decorate your car.

  • Streamers – you can use streamers taped to the back bumper of your car to create a cool effect similar to a float when you drive. Otherwise, hang them from the ceiling of your car to decorate the inside!
  • Window Markers – these are a necessity when decorating your car for homecoming! Write encouraging messages about your school and show your pride on the windows.
  • Balloons suggests, “Group several different balloons together, and tie them around the car antenna or side mirrors. You can also fill these balloons with candy, and pop them later during the parade.”
  • School Mascot Stuffed Animal – search thrift stores for a cheap stuffed animal that represents your school mascot. This would be especially easy if your school mascot was something like a bear or lion.
  • Empty pop cans – tie empty pop cans to the back bumper so they clink and clank behind the vehicle. You can even spray paint the cans in your school colors!
  • Poster Board – if you can not fit every message you want to write on the windows, buy simple poster board and attach it to the outside of the doors on the car.

If you are worried about being one of only a few who go all out for homecoming, invite friends over to decorate their cars as well. Make it a fun gathering and then all of you can ride into school homecoming week together!

If you are still hoping to get a car, check out our bargain inventory of used vehicles priced under $10k. Buy just in time for Homecoming and decorate it to show off your new ride!

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